Thunderstruck Online Pokies is one of the most popular pokies games today in the industry, and now you can play it too! With multiple bonuses such as free spins, Scatter & Wild symbols, Gamble feature and many others, it will not take you long to understand why everybody enjoys this game so much!

With the multiple gaming features which will help you gain greater control over this game, playing Thunderstruck as you always wanted to will be easier than ever before! So wait no more, start playing Thunderstruck Online Pokies today and enjoy a fun and unique game!

The Powerful Thor Symbol Can Change Your Game

This pokies game can get very exciting in seconds once the Thor symbol lands on your reels. The Thor symbol is also known as Wild, and it can replace any other symbol in your game besides the Scatter.

Once Wild lands on the right place on your reels, it can make a combination of two – of – a kind function as if it was a regular three – of a kind, or upgrade any other combination similarly.

This real money pokies bonus makes it much easier for you to win more credits than ever before in a matter of seconds, while enjoying a significantly thrilling feature. Moreover, all payouts produced after Wild created or upgraded combinations, are 3X multiplied!

Enjoy the Wild’s Payouts!

The Wild is considered one of the most powerful symbols on the reels, and not only since it can function as a joker. Once two, or more, Wild symbols appear on adjacent reels, the players can expect to receive multiple credits right away.

When two Wild symbols land, the players can expect to receive no less than 10 credits immediately, and when three Wild symbols land, the expected payout is 200 credits. Players who have four Wild symbols will win 2,000 credits, and if Wild symbols land on all five reels, the payouts will be no less than 10,000 credits!

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Gamble Feature. Your Chance to Choose the Payouts

Once you click the Gamble button, you have the option to choose how to bet the next spin. In case you win, you can expect to enjoy a 2X or 4X multiplier to apply on the amount of cash you wagered.

Your Game, Your Rules

Not only unexpected bonuses and benefits can be a part of your game. Features you use as you wish can be found too. Thunderstruck Online Pokies gives players the ability to change, a bit, the rules of the game, and to play the game they always dreamed of. These are the features you can expect to find as you play:

Select Lines

When using this feature, you can mark a specific number of lines on the reels, and thus to bet where you believe the next winning combination is going to land. The more lines you deposit, the higher your overall bet rate gets.

Select How Much to Deposit

Choosing your bet rate is always great. You can decide you deposit less credits in each spin, and thus save your cash and use it when playing many spins.

On the other hand, you can also decide you deposit as much as you can, since you know there is a direct relation between the amount of cash you deposit, and the payouts you may receive if you win. Either way, Select Coins & Coins features will come in handy when you make these decisions.

Coin Size feature is modified with the + and – buttons which appear at the left lower part of your screen. After you are satisfied with the size of the coins you chose, it is time to decide how many such coins you use per spin.

Select Coins feature is here to serve you for this purpose exactly. Clicking this button a few times will allow you to choose the desired number of coins. With these two features you will have full control over the number of credits used per spin.

You can modify both of these features as many times as you wish.

Tired of being Patient? It’s Time to Have It all Now!

Do you believe playing a truly exciting real money pokies game has to include depositing as much as you can? Cannot wait to start wagering the maximal amounts allowed? If so, Bet Max button is just what you are looking for!

Clicking this button once will mark all lines at once, and increase both the number of coins and the coin size to the max. The next spin will be triggered immediately, and you will be required to do nothing but to watch.

As you do, you will enjoy the chance to receive the highest payouts, in case you win.

Enjoy the Expert Mode, and It’s Unique Features

Do you feel like an expert? If so, maybe it’s about time to play like a real expert! Click the Expert button, and a few new buttons will be presented on the screen: 5X, 10X and Auto Play.

If you click 5X or 10X, 5 or 10 spins, respectively, will be triggered immediately, one by the other, and the only thing you will have to do would be to look at the screen.

This feature allows you to do anything you want as the game is played on its own, and to enjoy just the same winning potential.

If you wish to enjoy greater control over this feature, simply click the Auto Play button, and an Advanced Settings window will open up. You will be able to choose the exact number of spins you want to trigger automatically, and the way you prefer them to stop.

No matter what you choose, keep in mind you can always stop this mode by clicking the Stop button.

Scatter. The Secret Weapon.

If you always wanted to play a truly special online pokies NZ game for free, and to enjoy real money credits, the Scatter symbol is just what you need in order to make it happen. Three, or more, such symbols which land on adjacent reels will trigger the Free Spins mode.

During the Free Spins mode, you deposit no credits at all, but all credits are considered real, and added to your payline. Moreover, these credits are also 3X multiplied!

No matter if three, four, or five, Scatter symbols land on your reels. 15 free spins will be yours either way.

Scatter Payouts

Have you noticed before the Scatter symbols trigger the free spins, they also create winning combinations? Therefore, before the Free Spins mode starts, you are qualified to enjoy nice payouts!

This is what you can expect to enjoy: 2 credits, in case two Scatters land on adjacent reels, 5 credits, in case three Scatters land on adjacent reels, 20 credits, in case four Scatters land on adjacent reels, and no less than 500 credits if you win five Scatter symbols on all five reels!

Playing Pokies for the First Time?

Nothing should stop you from playing an amazing game such as Thunderstruck Online Pokies, including the feeling you don’t completely understand how the pokies games work. If you have never played pokies before, you are more than welcome to try the free mode first.

Playing for free may not help you win real money credits, which is one of the most exciting parts, but it will definitely help you understand how the game works, how you win bonuses, and how you actually use them (such as the Free Spins mode).

Eventually, after not many spins you will probably feel comfortable enough to start a real money game, and to enjoy all the bonuses, rewards and features of this magnificent game.

What are you waiting for? Start playing Thunderstruck Online Pokies today!

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