As savvy real money pokies NZ players know, Kings of Cash is a great 5 reel, 15 payline, 300 coin pokies game put out by Microgaming in 2009, and features fantastic larger-than-life royal characters, pulled right from the face cards in your good old playing card deck, as well as great animations and huge multiplier when you achieve a winning combinations using the scatter symbols.

What you might not yet know, is that recently (2015), Kings of Cash Pokies App for mobile was developed, with the same crisp HD graphics, fantastic gameplay features and entertaining animations as the desktop version, and now you can download it right onto your phone or tablet device – if you have iOS or Android OS. Alternately, you could play on a variety of devices that don’t use iOS or Android OS, for example Blackberry, Symbian, Windows or Chrome – right from within your browser!

All you need to start is to have already registered a username with the casino from your desktop browser – from here you can open your browser window and navigate directly to the casino of your choice. This works on Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and more, and soon, you’ll find the mobile version of the online browser-based casino, and sign in.

From here depending upon what casino portal you choose, you may be asked enter your cell phone number into the browser window wait a few moments until a link to the mobile app is sent via SMS to your cell phone.

There are two distinct ways to do play the Kings of Cash Pokies app, in fact. The first is in mobile pokies bonus mode, also known as “free mode” or “practice mode”. In the first case, you simply have to select “practice mode”, instead of “real money mode” when you download the app, and then you can play the King of Cash Pokies App to your heart’s content without risking a dime.

This allows you to get your sea legs on in the mobile pokies bonus mode and perfect your strategy, learning all the ropes. After you get good at winning on the Kings of Cash pokies app, you’re ready to play in the real money mobile pokies bonus mode. This means that you’ll deposit real money, wager real coins on the real money pokies NZ app.

And thus, you’ll also be eligible to reap the rewards of your loyalty and commitment as well, as well as enormous jackpots based on your gameplay strategy and luck! Depending upon which Microgaming portal you prefer, there also another real money mobile pokies bonus not to be missed when you play King of Cash Pokies App for real coin wagers and rewards.

Again, depending upon the portal (casino) of your choice (for example, Lucky Nugget Casino), you could be eligible for from just a few hundred up to as many as a few thousands of dollars in rewards cash that will be accrued to your username when you make your first few deposits. So be sure to check out your local web based casino to get the most out of your real money pokies NZ experience!

Now, for those of you who don’t yet find yourselves acquainted with their Royal Kingships, the Kings of Cash, let me tell you a little bit about the gameplay and see if you don’t come away excited to join their Royal Highnesses court as you finish reading this review…

First of all, the Kings referred to in this context are the Kings of Spades, Clubs, Hearts, and Diamonds, and each one has a special unique character he brings to the table. The King of Spades shows you a royal fan made of bills worth more than just a trifle, all the while giving you a thumbs up to encourage your play.

Features of Game Play

The King of Clubs offers, instead of a fan of bills, a bag of money, while the King of Hearts offers up a handful of gold coins, and the King of Diamonds offers you not one, but TWO bag stuffed full with money. The gameplay symbols throughout the Kings of Cash Pokies app are equally as royal.

There are chests full of money, bags of cash, thrones, royal crowns, royal banners, and the Kings of Cash Pokies app game logo, which is wild – and which when it appears on your screen, helps you complete any other winning combination through its presence.

Keep in mind, however that these combinations must begin in the first position on the payline, and that payline must be enabled (wagered on) at the time, and so casino experts recommend betting on all paylines at all times, with a low bet, so that no matter what happens in the game, you are well situation to take advantage!!!

There are also two different scatter symbols that appear on the reels – and these do not have to appear on an enabled payline to trigger their rewards! First, there is the royal purple banner, which, when it appears multiple times on the reels, gives you up to 25 free spins, and multiplies your winnings by up to 10x of the original amount bet on a payline before the free spins were activated.

Second, there is the crown symbol, which when appears in a scatter pattern on the reels activates the Kings of Cash bonus game. The gameplay, although mostly a fun pokies ride, does incorporate aspects of playing cards as well, in that when you activate the bonus game, you are dealt 12 cards lying face down and you have to line up a winning combination of cards in order to win up to 300,000 gold coins.

This bonus game can be activated during regular game play, or during your 25 free bonus rounds from the royal purple. Also, anytime you achieve a win, you can activate the “gamble” button, which is enabled up to 5 times during a single game, and at this time, you will be dealt a card faced down. If you guess the correct color, you’ll then double your current winnings, and if you guess the suit right, you’ll quadruple them!!!


In conclusion, the Kings of Cash Pokies app is a real money mobile pokies bonus games that gives you all the features you’re looking for in a modern pokies game: a fun set of characters, lots and lots of great ways to win, and now, with the new mobile pokies bonus app, a complete portability that can only be offered from a game-enabled phone or tablet device.

This is a well-loved game that has only increased in popularity since its beginning in 2009, and seasoned and newbie players alike will be impressed and have a great time with the new mobile app.

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