If you check out the casino’s Loyalty Points package, you will notice that the casino presents varying numbers of points for different games. If you play certain games you receive a larger number of points per credits deposited while for other games you receive a smaller number of points per deposited credits. Poker is one of the games that offers a smaller number of points per credit, and that’s because it’s a more lucrative game choice. You have more chances to win when you play poker which translates into more wins and bigger payouts.

If you’re playing on your mobile device you can download the Jacks or Better Video Poker app and experience this rewarding mobile pokies app option right on your smartphone or tablet device.


Historians believe that the roots of poker date back more than 1000 years, to ancient China where emperors, empresses and common men and women enjoyed a game in which decks of cards combined with a form of mahjong for a variation on the game of Chance. As the game moved west through Persia and Egypt it acquired various changes so by the time it surfaced in Europe it had changed considerably and become a game by which players built hands of cards with different types of combinations.

Poker was adopted by the early European casinos where it quickly became a favoured gambling competition among kings, queens and other aristocrats who frequented those casino venues. In the 1700s the game began to migrate to the Americas where frontiersmen adopted it as their game of choice as they settled the American West.

Today poker is one of the most popular games at land-based and online casino sites. Players love to build their hand and compare it to the dealer’s hand to see which of them has created the best poker combination. One of the reasons that gamers enjoy poker is that there are so many opportunities to manipulate their hand and so many different ways to win.

Another reasons for poker’s popularity is that poker is a game that combines luck with skill. You don’t have to be over-concerned about whether “this is your lucky day” because your own actions play a big part in your wins or loses.

By following basic poker strategy and learning how to “feel” the game you’ll enjoy the best chances for poker success.

Poker Variations

Land-based and online casinos feature numerous poker variations including versions in which multiple decks of cards are used, versions that employ decks in which a few cards have been removed and variations in which you can receive. a combination of face-up cards and face-down cards in multiple betting rounds, variations in which high and low hands split the pot, versions that combine hidden and revealed cards and more.

Regardless of your chosen variation you want to create the highest possible combination. In poker, the combination options include pairs, three-or-a-kind a straight (5 consecutively-numbered cards), a flush (5 cards of the same suit), a full house (three of a kind plus a pair), four of a kind, a straight-flush and a Royal Flush (Ace, King, Queen Jack and 10 of the same suit)

How to Play Jacks or Better Video Poker

The Jacks or Better mobile video poker app gives you a basic game of poker with a few changes from the classic poker game. In Jacks or Better video poker, as in classic poker, you receive your five cards after you place your first bet and then decide which cards to keep and which to discard in trade for new cards. You want to end up with the highest Jacks or Better hand which involves anything from a pair of Jacks on up.

Jacks or Better is the most common video poker alternative – it’s similar to the classic poker game but unique in that you receive payouts for combinations that include pairs of jacks and up.

Tips for Poker Success

Poker is one of those games in which you have more chances of achieving success if you are aware of the poker tips. Every poker expert has his or her own set of tips, so here’s a summary of some of the best tips for playing and winning at poker:

  • Fold when you see that your hand isn’t going to take you anywhere. Beginning poker players seem to believe that they have to play every hand. There’s no benefit in staying in the game if your hand isn’t very good. Accept your loss and move on to the next hand. A good rule of thumb is that about half of the hands that you’re dealt are worth staying in to the end.
  • As a new player, it’s enough to just remember the basic rules and goals of poker. how to play. Once you’ve mastered the basic game you need to watch the cards that are played by the dealer so you know which hands are still in the deck and waiting to be dealt. If you can watch and remember, it gives you an edge as you’re deciding how to proceed with your own hand – you’ll be better able to assess what the possibilities are of achieving a good hand.
  • Watch your bankroll and never use money that’s not in your entertainment budget. One of the biggest mistakes that novice poker players make is to pursue future playing just because “they’re on a roll” or “after x amount of losses, they’re bound to win.” Poker is a form of entertainment and should be viewed as such. Budget your money and stick to that budget. If you win – all the better, you have extra money with which to play. But don’t go beyond your pre-determined gaming bankroll.
  • Pick the right game for your skill level. Assess how well you’re doing at basic games like classic poker or Jacks and Better poker before you move on to more complicated game variations. You can determine the game levels by watching the stakes levels – the higher the stakes levels, the more complicated the game. So even though the simpler games have lower stakes levels, in the long run you have a better chance of meeting your personal needs.

Take advantage of the Jacks or Better video poker app to experience fun-filled, real money poker on your mobile device. you can also simultaneously download the real money pokies NZ app for pokies entertainment.

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