Did you always want to enjoy one of the most unique pokies games in the industry? With a special Gamble feature and two different Wild symbols, Avalon Online Pokies is the game that can make your dream come true!

Start playing it today, and enjoy the ability to win up to 3,000 credits in a single spin, bet as many lines as you wish to make the game more thrilling, enjoy the Auto Play feature when using the Expert button, and bet the highest rates with Bet Max button in moments!

If you are looking for a special game which will resemble no other, Avalon Online Pokies is your thing! Start playing now!

Your Free Game Starts Today!

This is probably the best real money pokies bonus you could ever think of: a free online game. The Scatter symbol, which looks just like an iced angel, is the symbol you need in order to start enjoying this wonderful bonus.

Three, four or five such symbols, which land on adjacent reels, will trigger 12 free spins right away. During the free spins, you are not required to deposit additional credits at all, yet all the credits you win will be real money credits.

Additionally, you can expect a 7x multiplier to apply on all credits won during this special mode!

Scatters and Payouts

If you noticed, three or more Scatter symbols of the same kind, appearing on adjacent reels, create winning combinations. Therefore, you have a right to expect additional credits to be added to your payline, before the free spins mode starts.

As a matter of fact, the payouts will be granted to you even when two such symbols land on your reels, and that’s what you can expect to win: 2 credits in case two Scatters are on adjacent reels, 4 credits in case three Scatters are on adjacent reels, 20 credits in case four Scatters are on adjacent reels, and 200 credits in case five Scatters are on adjacent reels.

It’s Time to Enjoy the Unique Bonus of This Game!

If there’s something that always makes a game truly special and fun, is the fact the gambler who plays it knows he uses bonuses, benefits and features, he cannot easily find elsewhere. Gamble is just such a feature the players can enjoy using while knowing it makes their game like no other.

Once you click the Gamble feature, you can choose to gamble either on a colour (red or black) or a suit (one of the four card suits). In case you go for the colour, and your bet was successful, your win will be 2X multiplied. In case you go for the suit, and your bet was successful, your win will be 4X multiplied.

Control Your Bets

Not only can you decide how to gamble and which multipliers to, potentially, enjoy, but now you can also decide how many credits to deposit an any given moment of the game, and how to manipulate your game and future winnings accordingly.

In case you choose to increase your deposit rate to the maximum allowed, you also give yourself the chance to enjoy the highest winning potential, since all payouts are granted in direct relation to the rate of the bets.

On the other hand, in case you choose to make the lowest deposits, you may be losing the ability to enjoy the highest winning potential, but you can spin the reels many times while using relatively few credits.

Here are the ways to make it happen:

Coin Size

The + and – buttons will be your best friends in this case. From 0.01 all the way up to 2.0 credits per coin, you can choose what will be your exact coin size.

Select Coins

This, with the previous feature, gives you the ultimate control over your bets. After you opted the size of your coin, you can decide how many such coins you wish to use when making your next spin.

You can change your mind regarding the coin size or the number of coins used per spin at any given moment. There is no limit on the number of times these two features can be modified per game.

Wild #1, Wild #2, and Many Payouts

The list of Avalon real money pokies bonuses is yet to be over. Now, you can enjoy two Wild symbols, with different features and payouts. This is how it works:

Free Wild

The symbol which looks like a golden box in a golden room is the Wild that can substitute all other symbols, besides the Scatter, during the free spins. It’s ability to replace other symbols allows it to help creating new or better winning combinations at any given moment.

Two of a kind, which usually produce no payouts, will be turned into three of a kind when a Wild is present. Three of a kind will transform to four, and four will be changed to five, with the Wild.

The Payouts

Two, or more, Free Wild symbols which land on adjacent reels will benefit you with nice payouts in no time at all. Two Free Wilds produce 5 credits, three Free Wilds produce 50 credits, four Free Wilds produce 150 credits, and five Free Wilds produce no less than 1000 credits!

Icy Wild

Looking like an icy castle, this Wild can substitute all other symbols on the reels, besides the Scatter, during the regular mode and the free spins. Once more, its ability to serve as a replacing symbol, allows it to create and upgrade winning combinations on your reels, and to produce higher and better payouts.

The Payouts

Two Icy Wilds produce 10 credits, three Icy Wilds produce 150 credits, four Icy Wilds produce 1000 credits, and five Icy Wilds produce no less than 3000 credits!

Bet Lines

Always wanted to make your real money pokies NZ casino game much more exciting? Now is your shot to do so! Either click the numbered buttons which appear at the sides of your screen, or press the Select Lines button as many times as you wish.

You will be able to mark the lines you want, and to trigger the next spin whenever you feel like it. Before every spin starts, you can adjust the number of lines marked according to your preference, since there is no limit on the number of times the feature can be modified.

Enjoy Like an Expert, Play Like an Expert. Auto Play.

Some players simply want to watch the screen and see how the reels spins and spin. Now this can be done, without reducing the player’s winning potential at all.

Click the Expert button, and choose 5X, 10X or click Auto Play. Clicking one of the first two buttons will trigger 5 or 10 spins, respectively, which will be automatically played without having you to do anything special besides watching.

In case you choose to click Auto Play, a new window will open up, and you will be able to decide exactly how many auto spins you want to play (either pick one of the options, or type in the number), and how you want to reels to stop from spinning.

Play Max, Bet Max

Feel like it’s time to play like you never played before? Are you on fire, and you can’t wait to enjoy the highest winning potential ever? If clicking the + button over and over again starts to bore you, there is a great solution for you and it’s called the Bet Max button.

A single click on this button will mark all lines at once, opt the highest coin size possible and choose the highest number of coins that can be used in a single spin. Then, the next spin will be triggered immediately.

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You will be able to enjoy the highest winning potential in seconds, and as always, you will have the ability to change the settings again, if you wish, after the spin is over.

Wait no more! Avalon Online Pokies, one of the most unique gambling games is now available, and you can enjoy it! Start playing now!

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