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Given the fact that All Jackpots Casino started in 2003, the pokies online casino has steadily increased by way of reputation and cash payouts. Today, All Jackpots Casino is one of the best for gamblers. Since it’s a branch of the Jackpot Factory Group, you are assured of the best progressive jackpots in the gaming industry. All Jackpots Casino is not a one man circus as it has a complete array of games from the conventional games to out-of-the-ordinary games.

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The All Jackpots Casino review

If you are a resident of New Zealand and looking for an online casino which ticks all of the boxes when it comes to allowing you to play casino games in a safe and secure environment, then look no further than All Jackpots NZ casino.

All Jackpots casino was established back in 2005 so it would be fair to say that they know exactly what they are doing when it comes to running an online casino and they are fully aware that the customer always comes first.

You will probably be aware that New Zealand residents are only legally allowed to play at an online casino if it is based overseas and that is definitely the case with All Jackpots casino as they are fully regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority.

If you are ever in doubt about whether or not you are allowed to play at a specific online casino, look towards the bottom of the casinos home page and you will see references to which jurisdictions in which they are registered.

If it is a casino that you have never heard of before, check on the authority in which the casino is claiming that it is registered with, just in case they are exaggerating the truth!

No problems on that score with All Jackpots casino though because they go far and above the regulations which have been set and are one of the most well-known online casinos in the industry and it would not be an exaggeration to say that not all online casinos can legitimately make a boast like that.

How to proceed with an All Jackpots sign up and log into your All Jackpots Casino account

Opening an account at All Jackpots NZ is a piece of cake, it really is. Some people get put off going through the All Jackpots sign up because they wrongly believe that all sorts of private information will be required and that it will be too much like hard work! Nothing could be further from the truth.

All you need to do in order to proceed with the All Jackpots sign up is to head on over to the website and click on the red ‘’Register’ button which can be found in the top right-hand corner of the website.

From there, all you will need to do is fill in the most basic details such as your name, address and email address.
Make sure that you use an email address which you check on a regular basis (because you will be offered ongoing bonuses and promotions) and as soon as signing up to your account you will receive an email which will contain your user name and password.

All you then need to do is go back to the website and click on the orange ‘Login’ button and you will be taken to a webpage where you will be invited to enter your user name and password.

When you have got this far, Congratulations, you will have an All Jackpots casino account, ready and waiting for you to make a deposit and hopefully win some money.

Get started with All Jackpots Casino flash games

When it comes to playing any of the casino games you basically have a choice of playing at the All Jackpots casino flash version or the All Jackpots casino download option.

The All Jackpots casino download option always used to be the recommended option and for some players, that will still be the case but for the vast majority of New Zealanders, the Jackpots casino flash version will now suit your requirements perfectly.

The reason for this is because most people now have adequate internet connections which will ensure that the Jackpots casino flash version experience will be perfect.

If you can remember the days of dial up internet connections you will be aware of the problems with buffering and this was often regarded as the blight of online casino games.

Thankfully now though, buffering is a thing of the past so look at the Jackpots casino flash version and you will be more than happy with what you see.

All Jackpots casino bonus options

Many online casino players will probably agree that the All Jackpots casino bonus options are about as exciting as it is possible to get but have you ever asked yourself why bonuses like these have to be offered?

It is because the online casino industry is extremely competitive and online casino players are a fickle bunch in that if a casino is not offering bonuses and promotions, the online casino players will look elsewhere.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and the fact that these bonuses come in various forms is great news for online casino players. With that in mind. Let’s take a look at some of the different bonuses which are available from All Jackpots casino.

All Jackpots sign up bonus

The total available for the All Jackpots sign up bonus is an enormous NZ$1600 but before you get too excited, there are a few things that you should be aware of.

The All Jackpots sign up bonus is spread across the first four deposits which you make into your account.
The first bonus is a 100% match up to NZ$400 whilst the next three deposits is a 50% match.

In layman’s terms, this means that if your first deposit is up to NZ$400 you will get a bonus to the same amount.
For the next three deposits, if you wish to receive the maximum bonus of NZ$400, you will have to deposit NZ$800 each time.

Don’t forget, you don’t have to deposit the full amounts to receive the All Jackpots sign up bonus, smaller amounts will still receive the 100% and 50% bonuses respectively.

Is there an All Jackpots Casino no deposit bonus?

There isn’t an All Jackpots Casino no deposit bonus so if you are a player who would just like to try out the games with minimum risk, all you need to do is deposit a smaller amount of money and you will be able to get a good taste of exactly what is on offer at the casino.

Do All Jackpots Casino offer free spins?

There are no free spins on offer at the time of writing but when you have opened an account with All Jackpots casino, keep an eye on your email account because free spins are offered to existing customers from time to time.

The All Jackpots Casino mobile bonus

There is not a specific All Jackpots Casino mobile bonus but that does not mean that you can’t use any of the bonuses when playing the All Jackpots Casino mobile version of the website.
It doesn’t matter which platform you play on; you can still qualify for and use any bonuses and promotions that are offered to you.

All Jackpots Casino Bonus Code

An All Jackpots Casino Bonus Code is not usually required because all bonuses will usually get added automatically.
This will be music to the ears for some online casino players because it is not uncommon to forget to insert a bonus code and then have to chase it up through casino support.

Is there an All Jackpots Mobile Casino?

The All Jackpots mobile casino is very good and all you have to do is enter the URL into your mobile browser and the All Jackpots Mobile Casino will automatically load up.

You will be amazed by the quality of the games on the All Jackpots Mobile Casino website and there is absolutely no difference in quality between the desktop and mobile versions of the casino.

What about an All Jackpots Casino app?

An All Jackpots Casino app is not required as the mobile version of the casino is of a very high quality.
There may be an All Jackpots Casino app sometime in the future which some players will be pleased about but the fact that there is not is not really a big deal at all.

Can you play the All Jackpots Casino on an iPhone or iPad

Yes, you can play the All Jackpots Casino on an iPhone or iPad in exactly the same way that you would play the casino on a mobile device.

What about an All Jackpots Android app

You can play the casino on an Android device but at the time of writing there is not an All Jackpots android app.

The wide selection of All Jackpots Casino games

All Jackpots casino are partnered with a company called Microgaming which supplies all of the casino games.
Microgaming are a software development company and are commonly regarded as being one of the best in the business.
The quality of the games are superb with graphics and soundtracks which have more in common with a Hollywood movie rather than a casino game.

The different games which are available at All Jackpots Casino

The different types of games which are available will offer something for every taste with traditional games from blackjack and roulette to slot games of every description.

There are several different types of blackjack such as American and European as well as different forms of roulette, not to mention games like baccarat.

The slots which are on offer range from versions of the old-fashioned one-armed bandits to games such as Tarzan and Emperor of the Sea which will completely mesmerise you.

One of the newest games which has been introduced to All Jackpots casino is the live dealer games which take place on the blackjack and roulette tables.

With these live dealer games, you will be playing against live dealers which is actually quite extraordinary because you can see the dealer deal the cards in front of your very eyes and congratulate you if you receive a winning hand.

The most popular All Jackpots slots

The most popular All Jackpots casino slots are usually those which offer the player the chance of walking away with life changing amounts of money.

Pokies like Megah Moolah have what is known as a progressive jackpot and this basically means that the jackpot gets bigger and bigger as more people get involved and play the game.

When you take into account that the progressive jackpot usually starts at one million dollars it doesn’t take much imagination to realise how big the jackpot can get so it is obvious that slots like these are so popular.

Slots like Avalon and Thunderstruck are also popular but it would be fair to say that you could ask fifty different All Jackpots casino players which is their favourite slot and they would all give a different answer.

The All Jackpots Casino Game developers

Most online casinos have their games provided by a third-party software developer and in the case of All Jackpots casino, Microgaming is their provider.

Along with developers such as NetEnt and Wagerworks, Microgaming is considered to be amongst the best in the business and you will instantly see the quality of the games on offer when you open an account and start playing.

The All Jackpots Casino Payment Methods

The All Jackpots Casino Payment Methods include Visa/Mastercard, bank transfers, some pre-paid cards and all of the popular web wallets such as Skrill and PayPal.

Web wallets are becoming an increasingly popular payment method because it is easy to keep track of all of your online casino deposits and withdrawals as opposed to transactions being paid back to your bank and getting mixed up with your everyday bills.

All Jackpots Casino withdrawal times

Another reason why web wallets are so popular is because withdrawals arrive back in the web wallet within a few hours as opposed to the five working days it can take for withdrawals to arrive back on a Visa/Mastercard.
When a withdrawal is made, the casino has to process the transaction first and this is usually carried out within forty-eight hours.

All Jackpots Casino customer support

There is nothing worse than an online casino which doesn’t have adequate customer support. It could be that it takes ages to get a response to a question or it could be that the casino support staff are not knowledgeable enough to do the job.

Thankfully, the support staff at All Jackpots casino are both friendly and knowledgeable and any problems are usually resolved very quickly.

One word of warning though, if you have need for All Jackpots casino customer support, don’t use the email option because it can take some time to get a reply. Always go with the live chat option because you won’t have to wait long at all.

The All Jackpots Casino reload bonuses

All Jackpots Casino reload bonuses are offered to regular players and these are often worth taking advantage of.
We have already mentioned that you should check your email account on a regular basis because it can be particularly annoying if you are offered an attractive bonus but then realise that it is now past the use by date and you can no longer use it.
One last thing, always check the terms and conditions of these bonuses to make sure that you are aware of the terms and conditions which are associated with them.

The advantages of being a VIP player

All Jackpots casino don’t have a VIP program but this should be regarded as a good thing as all players are regarded as being of equal importance so everyone will receive the same bonuses and promotions.

Do you get paid quickly as a VIP player

As there is not a VIP program, all players get paid according to the same time scale.

The All Jackpots Casino winners

The great thing about the pokies at All Jackpots casino is that you could log into your casino account and by the time you have logged out, you could be a millionaire, or multi-millionaire.

Jackpots are won far more often than you might imagine and as All Jackpots casino is highly regulated, you can be sure that any advertisements that you see which boast of huge win will be perfectly true and not exaggerated in any way.

The biggest jackpots at All Jackpots Casino

The progressive pokies usually start at one million dollars so it is not unusual for progressive jackpots to hit several million dollars.
Keep your eye on the All Jackpots casino for news of the latest winners because you can be sure that they will be eager to let you know as soon as one of their players walks away with the next big jackpot.

What does the future hold for All Jackpots Casino

The future of any online casino depends on three things, the quality of the games, the bonuses which are on offer but above everything else, how reputable the casino is.

The very fact that All Jackpots casino has been around for so long proves that the reputation is first class and as for the game and the bonuses, there is no arguing that they are of a very high standard.

There is no doubt that the online casino landscape will change with the development of new games and technology but few people would argue that the future is bright for All Jackpots casino.

Should you open an All Jackpots Casino account?

The competition between online casinos is intense, no doubt about that.
Online casino players are in a wonderful position in that they can choose which casinos they wish to open accounts with and if a casino falls short in any way, a player can hit them where it hurts and never play there again.

All Jackpots casino has stood the test of time so they know exactly what they have to do in order to keep their highly valued customers happy.

It is a safe casino for New Zealand residents to get involved with so with that in mind, if you live in New Zealand or anywhere else where online gambling is allowed for that matter, you should seriously consider opening an account at All Jackpots casino and taking advantage of everything that they can offer you.

?Is All Jackpots Casino a safe site ?
All Jackpots is dedicated to making its site as safe and secure as possible for its players. The casino has adopted secure banking methods to ensure that your funds cannot be accessed by hackers and fraudsters. The casino also provides you with round the clock customer service to ensure that your problems while gaming are addressed promptly.
✔️Is All Jackpots Casino a legal site in New Zealand?
: All Jackpots is a legitimate site for New Zealand players. The Casino is regulated and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority ensuring that their operations are above board. This is also evident in its use of online casino games from Microgaming, a trusted brand in the software development in the igaming world.
?How Can I get a welcome bonus at All Jackpots Casino?
You can get a big welcome bonus of up to $800 when you register your account at All Jackpots casino. You need to create your account and opt in for this bonus. You must make an initial deposit within 7 days of creating your account. You also need to make a minimum deposit of $10. The welcome bonus comes in the form of two deposit match bonuses of 100% up to $400 on each deposit.
?Can I use NZ dollars at All Jackpots Casino?
You will be able to make payments at All Jackpots Casino using the New Zealand dollar currency. You can make withdrawals and fund your account without the need to convert your funds to a different currency hence saving you the trouble and fees incurred when converting foreign exchange. You can also access bonuses and winnings in New Zealand dollars on your All Jackpots Casino.
♋️What are the best games at All Jackpots Casino?
You can play hundreds of Microgaming powered games at All Jackpots casino. The best games preferred by most players at the casino include slots such as Thunderstruck 2, King Cashalot and the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slots. Roulette, poker and blackjack are also popular games at All Jackpots Casino.
?Can I play mobile pokies at All Jackpots Casino?
You have a large number of popular pokies that you can play at the All Jackpots Casino. The more than 100 pokies are accessible on the mobile casino through the web based platform. The mobile slots include classic slots and video slots and bear unique features such as free spins, respins and multipliers among other features.
?How do I withdraw money from All Jackpots Casino?
You can withdraw your money from All Jackpots Casino through secure payment methods that include use of credit and debit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. You can also use ewallets such as Skrill and Neteller and Instadebit options to request for a withdrawal. You just need to log into your account and choose the withdrawal method that is most convenient as well as the amount that you need to withdraw.
⌛️How long does it take to withdraw my winnings at All Jackpots Casino?
The withdrawals at All Jackpots Casino are subject to a pending period of 24 hours during which you can reverse the withdrawal request. The withdrawals are processed within the normal business hours from Monday to Friday. To access fast payouts, you need to verify your account with the necessary documents to avoid delays. The withdrawals take a few days to get into your account and may take up to 14 days for bank transfers.
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