The slots games, or the pokies as they are known in Australia and New Zealand are the bread and butter of most of the online casinos. Although many players enjoy playing a wide range of casino games, almost all of us will make our way back to the pokies games at some stage of the gaming period.

The pokies casinos have always had to work hard to attract new players to their sites, this is especially true in recent years with the plethora of pokies casinos. As well as offering a really great range of pokies, many of the casinos have begun to rely on an attractive online pokies bonus to encourage new players to sign up at the casino. One of the very popular promotions recently introduced by many of the casinos are the real money pokies no deposit bonus. This bonus in essence allows you to try out the pokies with no deposit required.


The real money pokies bonus is a particularly compelling idea, after all who doesn’t love the feeling of getting something for nothing? Everyone loves a great freebie and in the case of the real money pokies bonus, you get to play some great games of pokies absolutely free of charge and in the process you can even win a payout!

To claim your real money pokies bonus, you will first need to sign up at the pokies casino of your choice. You should base your casino choice on the selection of pokies games available as well as the range of promotions that the casino has to offer. Once you have decided on a casino you will need to sign in by creating a username and password.

It is usually at this point that you will be awarded your no deposit bonus. The bonus will vary between the casinos but it generally starts at around the $10 mark and can make its way up to $50 or even $60. The no deposit bonus will usually come with some pretty stringent conditions attached such as the amount of times the bonus needs to be played before it can be withdrawn and the selection of gamers that can be played using the bonus. In some cases, the casino may not actually allow you to withdraw payouts made using the free bonus until you have actually deposited some money of your own, make sure that you always read the terms of each individual bonus offer very carefully.


Once you have made use of your no deposit bonus and have decided that you would like to continue playing at this real money pokies casino then it is time to deposit some funds of your own. Your first deposit will always be met with a very generous welcome bonus.

A typical welcome bonus is usually a percentage of your deposit, so for example a 100% match bonus will award you a further 100% of your initial bonus. This means that if you put down $150, the casino will award you a further $150 and you will begin your game with $300 in your casino account.

It is very common for the casinos to award not just an initial welcome bonus but an entire welcome package during the first 7 days you spend at the casino. This means that the first 3 or 4 deposits that you make during your initial week at the casino will be awarded with additional bonus offers, making this a very profitable first week.

Once your first week at the casino is over, the bonuses will continue. Many casinos will offer you promotions around the holiday times and at other times during the year. Promotions may be awarded on your birthday, if you introduced a friend to the casino and on any other random day of the week that the casino decides!

As well as bonus money, other bonuses often awarded by the online pokies casino are free spins, casino tournaments and exclusive prizes such as holidays abroad and even luxury cars.


Online pokies bonuses are part and parcel of every online casino today. It is therefore important that before signing up you check out which of the casinos will offer you the very best bonus offers. The real money pokies bonus that is awarded before you even put money down at the casino, is a great indication of a casino that is willing to go to great lengths to attract and retain their customers.



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