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Playing at New Zealand casinos with NZ$

One of the most common questions which gamblers from New Zealand have is whether they can play an online casino using New Zealand dollars.
Most of these players don’t want to play using US dollars or any other currencies for that matter, and to be perfectly honest, you can’t really blame them.

The good news is, as long as players from New Zealand are playing at a gambling platform which is registered overseas and accepts Kiwi players, deposits can be made into an NZD online casino and any of the games will be played in NZ$.

It is therefore important for players from New Zealand to make sure that they only play at the best operators to ensure that NZD accepting games are played.

How to make deposit with NZD

Before you even think about making a deposit into an NZD casino it is important that you make sure that it is a reputable gambling website which is authorised to accept players from New Zealand.

The good news is that the top gambling websites are all registered overseas so players from New Zealand will experience no problems whatsoever when it comes to opening an NZD online casino account.

When it comes into making a deposit into an NZD gambling website, the first thing that a player has to do is to decide which payment method they are going to use to make the deposit.

It is in the best interests of the Kiwislots online casino NZD to offer as many different payment options as possible as to cater for all of their customers.

The usual range of deposit options include the following
• Visa
• Mastercard
• Skrill
• PayPal
• Pre-Paid Debit cards

Once a player has decided on the payment method which they would like to use, it is just a matter of registering the method in the ‘Cashier’ section of the NZD gambling website and making that initial deposit.

Most NZD websites will be able to automatically detect that a player is based in New Zealand so the deposit will be made in NZD but if not, there will be a drop-down menu of a wide variety of currencies so it is just a case of choosing NZD.

When it comes to making a withdrawal from an NZD casino, it is important to remember that any withdrawals have to be paid back to the same payment method from which the deposit was made.

This is not a silly rule which has been put in place by the NZD accepting casino, but instead, a stipulation which has been put in place by the Gambling Commision which regulates the NZD gambling house in order to prevent money laundering.

It is possible to register several different payment methods and then choose which one to use for each separate deposit but this is not really advisable as it can be easy to forget which deposit was made by which payment method.

What are the best kiwi slots online casino NZD

The great news for gamblers is that the best online gambling platforms in the world are available to them.
Before we look at the top NZD accepting casino websites in more detail, it is again worth mentioning that you should only really consider playing at the very best online casino NZD because not only will your personal details be safe, you will also experience the very best possible gambling experience. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of the very best NZD online casino websites

Jackpot City Casino

This gambling platform has been around since 1998 so few people would argue with the fact that this is a casino who knows how to keep their players happy.

All of the NZD games are supplied by Microgaming and if you are not aware, this is one of the leading software providers and are commonly regarded as being the best in the business.
The customers support is very good so this NZD accepting casino would have to be regarded as a ‘must play’ online casino for Kiwi players.

Lucky Nugget Casino

This gambling house was also formed in 1998 so just like Jackpot City Casino, they must be doing something right. The games are also provided by the renowned Microgaming software provider and they have a wide range of online casino best payouts NZD due to the wide range of bonuses which are on offer.

The customer support is also of a high quality so there is another NZD online casino which should be considered by Kiwi players.

Ruby Fortune Casino

The virtual gambling platform was formed in 2003 and is commonly regarded as being one of the best kiwi slots online casino NDZ.
A generous selection of welcome bonuses are on offer and as the games are provided by Microgaming, a first class gaming experience is guaranteed.
The live chat option for customer support is very quick to resolve any queries very quickly and without any fuss.

Spin Palace Casino

It is another one of those NZD accepting casino websites where the games are provided by Microgaming. Formed in 2001, this online casino NZD definitely knows what they are doing so it is of little surprise that they are commonly regarded as being one of the best virtual platforms in the business.

Platinum Play Casino

Formed in 2003, this is another online casino NZD which has a sound reputation.
Microgaming supply the games so there is an enormous selection available along with some fantastic progressive jackpots.
The customer support is very good as it is with all of the virtual gambling houses which we have mentioned.

Casino bonuses in NZD

Online casino NZD bonuses play a huge part in helping players decide which online casino NZD to play at. It only stands to sense that if there is an attractive bonus on offer, this is the casino where the player will open an account.

The types of games which are available or the online casino best payouts NZD will pale into insignificance because at the end of the day, money talks! There are several different types of NZD online casino bonus, from those which are available when you open an account to the reload type of bonuses which are available to existing players.

On first sight it can often seem that these bonuses offer free money which in one sense they do, but they also come with various terms and conditions which an NZD casino player should be aware of.

The main terms and conditions are based around the types of games which can be played with the bonus funds and the wagering requirements which are attached to any bonus.

It would be fair to say that the lower the wager requirement, the better the bonus because this will basically mean that you will stand more chance of walking away with a larger part of the bonus.

Something to be aware of though is whether the wagering requirement is just based on the bonus funds or the bonus funds plus the deposit. As an example, a 10x wager requirement might look more attractive than a 15x wager requirement but if this applies to a 100% to NZ$100 with the 10x requirement being on the deposit plus the bonus whilst the 15x requirement is bonus only, the latter will mean a wagering requirement of NZ$500 less.

As a rule, Kiwislots online casino NZD bonuses have to be played on pokies to take advantage of the full gameplay weighting so bear this in mind as it would be no good working your way through the wagering of NZ$2000 on a game like blackjack, only to be informed that none of the wagering counts towards the bonus.

It is not just NZD casino welcome bonuses which are available as there are also reload bonuses which can be claimed by players who already have an account with an NZD accepting gambling house.

These NZD online casino reload bonuses can come in many forms, from deposit bonuses to free spins but one thing to remember that that players are usually informed of these bonuses by email, so when you sign up for an NZD online casino, make sure that you use an email which you check on a regular basis.

The benefits for players who play NZD casinos

The benefits for players who play NZD gambling houses are wide and varied so let’s take a look at a few of the most obvious ones. We have already spoken about the wide range of bonuses which are available so it would perhaps be best to start with the basics of what it is like to play at an NZD casino.

To begin with, the very fact that you can actually play using NZD should not be under estimated.

For example, if you are playing with a different currency it is quite easy to completely forget where you are in terms of whether you have made a profit or a loss.

If that sounds like it is a bit of an exaggeration, think again, many online casino players have lost track of which currency they were actually playing in and when it came to withdrawing their winnings, a rude surprise would be waiting for them as the currency exchange meant that they had in fact won far less than they initially thought.

Another benefit of playing at an online casino NZD is that only the very best gambling websites are available to Kiwi players. This means that the gaming experience which awaits really is second to none.

If you have never played a game like Thunderstruck before you will be in for a treat, especially when the bonus round kicks in and the free spins begin, with all wins tripled, as the winnings mount up there can’t be many better feelings.

Talking about winnings mounting up, another enormous benefit for NZD players are the progressive jackpots which are available at a larger number of online casinos.

These progressive jackpots can quite literally be described as life changing and this is how they work.

Taking the Microgaming Megah Moolah progressive jackpot as an example, this game is available at a number of NZD casino websites with each one contributing to the progressive jackpot.

The longer the jackpot takes to win, the bigger the jackpot gets so when it is eventually won, it is not uncommon for it to reach several million NZD.
It doesn’t matter which stake size you use to play these progressive jackpots, if you are playing you will be in with a chance of winning and it only takes one look at the list of past winners to realise that anyone could walk away with one of these jackpot wins and their lives could change completely.