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Kiwis are known as practical, common-sense people who approach their gambling activities in the same way that they approach life, New Zealanders proceed face every dilemma in a way that allows them to achieve the best results in any situation. That’s why a growing number of NZ residents are turning to the Double Down casino real money pokies casino for all of their gaming needs.


Regardless of whether you’re playing on your desktop or via the Facebook app you’ll be able to easily establish your Double Down Casino real money pokies NZ account via your Facebook profile.

To create a Double Down Casino account, go to your Facebook and click Apps in the left hand menu bar. Next to “DoubleDown casino free slots” you’ll see a gray gear icon. Click that icon and enter the casino via your player ID.

Buying Chips

You can buy real money chips for your Double Down Casino gambling activities via the “Chips” icon. You can buy chips in the denomination that you want buy buying a chips package. Once you click “buy chips” you’ll be able to apply your promo card to your purchase which allows you to play any of your favourite Double Down casino games via your bonus promo. You can pay for your chips via your preferred payment method. Double Down payment methods include Paypal, Checkout Express or Mastercard or Visa debit or credit card.

Pokies and Poker Tournaments

The poker and pokies online tournaments are a highlight of gambling entertainment at Double Down casino. When you enter a tournament you compete against other players from around the world for the grand prizes. After you choose your tournament you buy into the tournament by paying the entry fee in chips. There are four tournament types and the potential prize for each tournament is displayed, giving you the chance to select a tournament that meets your interests and fantasies.

The pokies tournaments run for a total of 25 minutes. Up to 500 players can participate in any one tournament. In a pokies tournament you spin with credits — not chips. All participating players start with the same number of credits and as you spin, your wins are tracked, giving you your score. Apin results count toward the tournament score and at the end of your play, your score is compared with the scores of other participating players. The winner receives the tournament payout.

In poker tournaments, as in pokies tournaments, you play with credits and your game wins become your score. The prizes is determined by the number of participating players – the more players who join the tournament, the higher the tournament prize options.

Once you’ve completed your tournament you can click “Tournament” to return to the tournament lobby, “Casino to return to the main games lobby or “Replay to replay the tournament.

Doubledown video poker games include 5 Card Draw poker, Texas Hold ‘Em and Wild Action Texas Hold ‘Em Poker.

Bingo at Double Down

Bingo at Double Down casino is another popular game option for casino players. One of the reasons that bingo is so popular is that that there are so many alternative ways of playing Down Bingo.

The Game Finder tool can help you find the bingo variation for which you’re searching. You can choose a pattern (a layout of numbers in different shapes) that you’re trying to match or choose a faster or slower game variation. You can also select a higher deposit or lower deposit card – remember that the value of the prizes is based on the stakes that you place.

There’s also an Auto-Daub bingo option that lets you play your game automatically, so you can keep your hands free, though most players prefer the manual play option.

Once you set your parameter click “Find” and you will be matched with the next available game that matches your criteria. If no games appear that match your criteria the casino will create a new game just for you and other players will be able to join “your” new game.
Level Up

Double Down Casino offers multiple rewards promotional programmes to reward loyal players. Experience Points (XP) points are awarded to all players, based on the games that they play and the deposits that they place.

Every time that you play you can see a progress bar sitting above your game. The XP points that you earn from your gaming activities are displayed on the progress bar and as you move from target to target the numbers on the progress bar show your movement.

For every 500 points you move up half a level. Every time that you make a bet you move towards the goal of 5000 XP points and as you level up you receive even more chips as a reward!

You will level up higher and higher and your level up targets move up as well. Now the rewards increase to bigger and better give-aways. You’ll move up the levels faster when you make bigger deposits and, of course, as you play more games.

XP points are accumulated based on actions that involve chips. This means that free bonus round spins don’t earn you XP points since there were no chips involved in those spins. When you play tournaments, XP points are earned during the buy-in rather than when you take individual spins within the tournament.

You’ll find convenience and a high level of gambling entertainment when you play at the Double Down Casino Real Money Pokies Casino for real money prizes.



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